Molly Dixon

I'm Molly Dixon from St. Louis, MO. I'm currently in the process of completing my masters at USF studying Sustainable Business with certificates in Sustainable Energy and LEED. I received my undergrad in Education and Environmental Science at a liberal arts college in Illinois. Before moving to Tampa I taught English in South Korea and was the director of the Green Team while teaching STEM classes at Community Boating in Boston MA. I aspire to become a sustainability coordinator to help companies align their mission and values with environmentally sustainable practices. I'm excited to work with Farm 2 School to practice establishing sustainable initiatives within schools.


Jacques Emmanuel Werleigh

My name is Jean Jacques Werleigh but most people call me Jacques. I was born and grew up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, graduated High School in Polk County, FL. I received a BS in Biology, a minor in Health Sciences, and additional course work in Medical Anthropology from the University of Central Florida.  I was president of IDEAS for UCF for two years prior to graduating, in this role, I learned and experienced a great deal with environmental advocacy and stewardship, community service, and grassroots movements. I then work several years for the UCF Arboretum, responsible for coordinating the volunteer program and my favorite, managing the community garden and greenhouse. I am now pursuing a master's degree at USF Patel College for Global Sustainability with a focus in Food Security and Sustainability. I aspire to work for global organizations such as Oxfam, UN FAO, USAID focusing on Food production, food policy, food waste and the environmental impact associated with food production and consumption.  

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Amanda Vasques

Amanda is currently a graduate student in the Patel College of Global Sustainability, concentrating on food sustainability and security.  She is a member for the Food Studies Research Initiative at USF and the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger.  Amanda is also a licensed clinical social worker at USF Diabetes Center and an advocate for health and environmental issues, and recognizes the impact of food on health.  She recently completed an internship visiting sustainable farms across the United States, and is interested in school and community gardens, urban agriculture, food waste reduction and environmental justice. 


Kaitlin Davis

Hi there, I’m Kaitlin. I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio but moved to sunny Orlando, Florida about 7 years ago. I’m currently studying Global Sustainability with a concentration in Food Sustainability and Security at USF’s Patel College of Global Sustainability. Before coming to Tampa for graduate school, I was getting my undergraduate degree in Sociology at Florida State University. I am very passionate about working with non-profits and have been involved with a few different organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA. I chose to go into food sustainability after learning how damaging our industrialized food system is to our health and the environment. I’ve been educating myself ever since and am driven to bring sustainable and nutritious food systems to our communities, just like Farm 2 School. I believe educating others, especially the youth, on how to grow their own food will create a more accessible and collective food system that has the power to change lives. I can’t wait to be a part of it!