Kids' Kitchen

a portable pop-up kitchen for use at youth gardens


June 2018, Yara Khalid volunteers to assist a student with cutting string beans at a cooking lesson presented by Hillsborough Social Services & Junior Chefs of America at the Oaks at Riverview Community Center.


It all started when…

USF anthropology honors student Yara Kahlid approached Arthur, Li and Elizabeth at the TTF2S table at the Patel College spring open house. Yara opened the conversation by asking, "is there any opportunity to cook with kids?"  We replied, "Yes, let's do that!" 

To fulfill our vision of fostering healthy communities requires more than just building and supporting hands-on youth gardening experiences. We must also show young gardeners how to use what they grow to make healthy dishes that taste good. 

With Yara's simple inquiry, the idea for a mobile "pop-up" Kids' Kitchen was born. Influencing kids to make healthy food choices sparks the inspiration to roll up our sleeves and bring into their daily lives the experience of growing food AND cooking it. Without that connection vegetables can be mysterious - an eggplant for many children just a funny looking purple thing. 

We anticipate using small amounts of produce grown by students in their gardens supplemented by produce we purchase for each cooking demonstration. In addition to demonstrations, we hope to do hands-on cooking with kids when  budget and facilities allow.

We anticipate holding Kids' Kitchen demonstrations at our Green Apple Days of Service scheduled throughout the school year at Cork Elementary, Turner-Bartels K-8 and Muller Elementary. In addition, we have been invited to give Kids' Kitchen demos at the Florida Learning Garden for students arriving during the school year on field trips to the Florida State Fairgrounds. We hope you will contribute to this exciting new opportunity for kids to experience the joy of good tasting, healthy food. For more information on how you can become a Kids' Kitchen funder, send us an email: